How To Edit and Format E-Books with AI


Editing and formatting are crucial steps in e-book creation. AI can assist in ensuring your e-book is polished and professionally presented. Here’s how.

Step 1: Review Content for Coherence

  • Ensure flow: Check that the content progresses logically.
  • Verify accuracy: Ensure facts and information are correct.

Step 2: Use AI Editing Tools

  • Grammar and style checkers: Platforms like Grammarly use AI to identify and correct grammatical errors.
  • Content coherence tools: Tools like Hemingway Editor can help improve readability.

Step 3: Format Your E-Book

  • Choose an e-book format: Popular formats include EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
  • Use AI formatting tools: Platforms like Vellum use AI to automate e-book formatting for various devices.


Editing and formatting with AI ensures your e-book is of high quality and accessible to readers on various devices. By reviewing content, using AI editing tools, and automating formatting, you can produce a professional e-book ready for publication.

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