How To Expand Online Article Writing with AI and Which AI Tool Can I Use for It?


Expanding your online article writing can help you cover a broader range of topics and cater to diverse reader interests. AI can assist in this expansion. Here’s a guide.

Step 1: Identify Expansion Areas

  • Research trending topics: Look for popular subjects in your niche.
  • Survey your readers: Ask readers what topics they’d like to see covered.

Step 2: Use AI for Research

  • AI research tools: Platforms like BuzzSumo can help identify trending topics.

Step 3: Automate Article Generation

  • Use AI writing tools: Platforms like GPT-3 can assist in generating articles on multiple topics quickly.

Step 4: Personalize and Refine

  • Add personal insights: While AI can generate content, personal insights add authenticity.
  • Ensure quality: Review AI-generated content for accuracy and relevance.


Expanding online article writing with AI can help you cater to diverse reader interests and stay relevant in the ever-evolving content landscape. By identifying expansion areas, leveraging AI for research and writing, and personalizing content, you can establish yourself as a go-to source for comprehensive and engaging articles.

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