Scalenut vs. Jasper AI

Picking the right AI tool can help you make content faster. The best tool can make your brand stand out more. On this page, we compare two popular AI tools, Scalenut and Jasper AI/Jarvis AI, to help you choose easily.

Scalenut is a tool that uses AI to help with content writing. It can do research, write long articles that are good for SEO, and create marketing messages for many purposes. It also has a user-friendly design that lets teams work together easily on content projects.

Jasper is an AI tool that assists with writing and making your content better. It can create content like blogs and website pages. Jasper has a “Boss Mode” for quick writing and also offers templates for various marketing needs.

Scalenut vs Jasper AI Features: An Overview

AI Features
TechnologyGPT-3 + In-house AI & NLP modelsGPT-3
Chrome Extension✔️
AI Content Generation✔️✔️
Short-form Content✔️✔️
Long-from Content✔️✔️
AI Templates✔️✔️
Command Feature✔️✔️
Plagiarism Check✔️✔️
Team Collaboration✔️✔️
Content Grade✔️
Content Research✔️
NLP Terms✔️
Content Brief Creation✔️
Factual Content✔️
5-minute Blog Creator✔️
Customer Support
Email Support✔️✔️
Chat Support✔️
Customer Reviews (out of 10)
Ease of Use9.49.3
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support9.59.5
Customer Service9.89.6
Value for Money9.69.1
Create Free Account
Create Free Account

Scalenut is three times cheaper and twice as effective.

Scalenut is a budget-friendly and efficient AI writing tool. It helps you produce more content without spending a lot. Curious about the cost difference between Scalenut and Jasper AI? Let’s look at their prices:

Annual Plans
Essential / Boss Mode$23/mo$49/mo
Growth / NA$47/moNA
Pro / Business$89/mo$499/mo
Monthly Plans
Essential / Boss Mode$39/mo$59/mo
Growth / NA$77/moNA
Pro / Business$149/mo$499/mo
Free Trail
Free Trail7 Days5 Days
Create Free Account
Create Free Account

Here are five reasons Scalenut is a great choice instead of Jasper AI


Cruise mode lets you write an SEO blog quickly with AI’s help. Just give a brief, pick a title, choose an outline, decide on key points, and you’ll have a draft in 5 minutes.

Scalenut Cruise Mode


Scalenut gives users a full view of search results for a keyword. This means you can write an article in Scalenut that’s up-to-date and accurate without needing to jump between different tabs or websites.


We use special techniques to find important words for your content. Adding these words makes your content better and helps it rank higher. Scalenut has this feature built-in, but Jasper AI doesn’t offer it.


See a summary of the top 30 websites that come up for your main keyword on Google and understand why they’re at the top. Use this info to plan your content better. We also figure out what people want by looking at questions from sites like Quora and Reddit.

Optimize your content to rank higher

Scalenut’s Content Optimizer improves your website’s position on search engines by enhancing your new and old content for SEO. This brings more of the right visitors to your website. Give Scalenut a try for free.

What Scalenut’s users have been saying

Ready to make awesome content with less work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between the content produced by Scalenut and Jasper AI?

Both the tools are completely capable of producing content that is engaging. They also ensure that the content is unique. However, Scalenut’s long-form content tool is backed by solid research that’s driven by NLP.

How much time does it take for Scalenut or Jasper AI to come up with content?

In most scenarios, it takes less than a minute for both these AI content platforms to come up with high-quality content. The content can be edited or used as it is if it fits your needs. However, Scalenut offers Cruise Mode which can write an entire blog for you within 5 minutes. Try Cruise Mode.

Is Cruise Mode available for all users of Scalenut?

The Cruise Mode is currently available for all users who have subscribed to Scalenut’s Growth or Pro plans. If you wish to experience the power of Cruise Mode, you can opt for sign up for a free 7 days trial.

Are all features available in Scalenut’s free trial plan?

The Cruise Mode is currently available for all users who have subscribed to Scalenut’s Growth or Pro plans. If you wish to experience the power of Cruise Mode, you can opt for sign up for a free 7 days trial.

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